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Dating issue

Susan: Again, I’m no lawyer, but I think that hypothetically speaking, you might be a little screwed in your case. In theory, of course. I know you were speaking in allegory only, and would never send someone such photos.

eric the bhh: Come on. Couldn’t you TRY to agree more? Just a little?

Loiralei: You know, I was actually going to comment on the “ugly photo” part of her question — honestly, I think having it be a super smokin’ hot picture would only make him more likely to show it off. But then, if he DID, she’d at least be happy with the shot. Such a catch 22.

Oh, and if a nude photo of my mother ever ended up on the internet, I’d shut down my computer, cancel my internet service, and walk the earth like Kane from Kung Fu and/or Jules from Pulp Fiction. (Maybe become a shaolin monk as well. You know, so I could kick some ass while speaking without the use of contractions.)

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Ew. Guy is definitely a “douchebasket”. No means no–no matter what. Bonnie, dump this loser. He has serious mental issues.