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Same dater online

Lucy: Well gosh, I can’t imagine why you two can’t be bestest pals…

Thanks for the story, though I’m sorry it worked out like it did. Then again, maybe I’m not. I think in the long run you want a guy who’s in it for YOU, not one who’s trying to forget someone else.

And on the “meeting the ex’s current squeeze” front, I was in a situation once where my girlfriend left me for another dude. I later met him, did the big thing, went up, shook his hand, and he gave me such a “who the hell do you think you are?” look, you wouldn’t believe it. I was like, “You have my woman. What do you want, my car? My credit card to take her OUT?”

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My fiance has an ex who is currently working for him. He owns a huge business and says that he needs her to work, She is now with a partner and has one child. However, i still find her annoying, bossy and disrespectful. She’s very bossy and when i’m around she has no respect for me. Recently, i heard that he picked her up because she had a flat tyre, and there is another rumour that i suspect that maybe he has picked her on a couple of times to drop her off at work or at her house, but i am not sure. Recently she called and asked to use our gym, which resulted in me and my fiance arguing , she keeps calling and asking for things, and i am very tired of this. He only tells her no, because i get upset, he doesn’t talk to her when i’m around , but when i am not around i suspect that they are very comfortable with each other. His ex’s partner also works for my fiance, so basicly he’s looking after them, his family is close to her and she is always around. I know i will have to live having her around for the rest of my life!..am i going insane or being irrational?, He says that he doesn’t love her, (they were in a 7 years relationship, but had no kids)what should i do ?