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RE: Datinc chances

Hi Tyler, Everyone has told you the stuff you absolutely need to hear and bang on with how to deal with this. I know it hurts horribly but even doing one of the things that Anne Z told you will make you feel better. Jeff is right (as usual) about there is nothing you can do or say or be to bring that IT back. An IT can’t be forced. It is either unmistakeably there or not there and it almost exists outside the two of you, like a ephemeral third party that can’t be denied. I have been in a longterm relationship where the IT was there for years without any real effort on our part. A sort of effortless chemistry, the way i think its supposed to be.. We broke up for other reasons but to this day this guy has IT for me and I for him. Do you want to keep convincing him to keep trying and get IT back ? What a battle for you. I say step back, heal thyself from the hurt and start looking around again. You gave him the best you had and were the best you could be, what more can you do? His feelings are out of your control. Work on what you DO have control over. Don’t make this any more painful for you than it is already. Best of luck.